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is the big fight here. whether it's in education reform or transportation reform or pension reform. we have brought lab tore the table. they've been a part of the solution and i think thank them for that. >> schieffer: i must apologize. the sound dropped out. did you tell me you are going to sign it or not? >> i've got... can you hear me now, bob. >> schieffer: yes, i can. >> i've got about ten days to review the whole budget. you're asking i think in particular about the municipal health care part of it. it has come a long way toward what i want. i think there are a couple of parts of it i want to look at it more closely before i make a final decision. the broader point i was making, bob, is that for all of the reforms we have been doing, many of them like what my colleagues and other states have been doing, taking this opportunity to make government work better and focus more on the people served. we've had labor at the table. they've been a great part of it. >> schieffer: all right. let me go to the mayor. mr. mayor, you're not in charge of state budgets obviously but you are in charge o
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3 (some duplicates have been removed)